COM401:Writing for the Web
Corner Web

Course Schedule

Th. 8/30: Syllabus explanation, introduction to the course

T. 9/4: Decide Blog Schedule, Discuss Projects
Read TIWH: Preface, Part II: Weblog (402-3)

Th. 9/6: Read TIWH: Part 1: 2-5,
  Part II: Print vs. Web, Netiquette

T. 9/11: ML – Intro HTML

Th. 9/13: Read TIWH: Part 1: 5-9,
Part II: Chunking, Organization, Inverted Pyramid, Scannability, Seven Plus or Minus

T. 9/18: ML – Beyond Basic HTML

Th. 9/20: Read TIWH: Part I: 10-15,
   Part II: Consistency, Repetition, Layering Information, Mission Statement

T. 9/25: ML – Incorporating Images
Initial ideas for Projects Due

Th. 9/27: Blogger Training (Justin Marksamer)

T. 10/2: ML – Beyond Basics, Photoshop

Th. 10/4: Read TIWH: Part I: 16-19
               Part II: Navigation, Conciseness

T. 10/9: Test # 1

Th. 10/11: Read TIWH: Part II: Color, Interactivity, Links, Numbered (Ordered) Lists

T. 10/16: ML – Introducing DreamWeaver
Read: BB: “Creating a Dreamweaver Site”

Th. 10/18: Read TIWH: Part II: Graphics, Image Maps
                  BB: “Adding Graphics”

Revised Ideas for Projects Due

T. 10/23: MLDreamWeaver: Images

Th. 10/25: Read TIWH: Part II: Columns, Tables/Grids
                  BB: “Coming to the HTML Table

T. 10/30: MLDreamWeaver: Tables

Th. 11/1: Read TIWH: Part II: Cascading Style Sheets, Style Guide, Style Sheets
                BB: “Adding Style to Your Site Using CSS”

T. 11/6: MLDreamWeaver: Cascading Style Sheets

Th. 11/8: Read TIWH: Part II: Animation, Multimedia, Splash Page
               BB: “Showing Off with Multimedia”

T. 11/13: MLDreamWeaver: Multimedia

Th. 11/15: Project Writing Workshop
Read: TIWH: Clarity, Introduction (205-213), Readability, Transparent       Writing

T. 11/20: Test 2
    ML – Begin work on Final Projects

Th. 11/22: Thanksgiving Holiday – No classes

T. 11/27: ML – Continue work on Final Projects

Th. 11/29: ML – Continue work on Final Projects

T. 12/4: ML – Continue work on Final Projects

Th. 12/6: ML – Continue work on Final Projects

Monday. December 10, 1:30pm – 4:30pm.  We will present our Final Projects in the Mac Lab on this day