COM401:Writing for the Web
Corner Web

COM 401
Writing for the Web
Final Project

As previously mentioned, your final project for this course will be to create a Web-site for showcasing your writing.

There are numerous possibilities for the site.  You could create a site that contains reviews of your favorite movies or music.  Alternatively, you could create a site that displays news articles you have written, or a research paper, or information about a group or organization you belong to.  What you choose to do will depend largely on your own interests, but there will be certain things that I will look for when grading your project.  Your web-based writing project should have:

  • Consistent and Appropriate Style
  • Informative Content
  • Interesting Design
  • Organized and Coherent Navigation

In addition, I would like you to include the following web-based elements in your site:

  • Links (both internal and external)
  • Images (jpgs, gifs, pngs, etc.)
  • Tables (we’ll discuss these later)
  • Lists
  • Javascript (mouseover buttons, etc.)

We will learn how to incorporate each of these into HTML documents, so don’t be intimidated if you have no idea what javascript refers to.  On the other hand, if those five elements seem a little too basic for your ambitions, you may include more advanced elements in your site, such as animation or multimedia.  Just be sure that anything you include is motivated by the four overarching principals stated above.

There will be a great deal of room for your own creativity in this project.  There will also be a fair amount of time for trial and error, so don’t be afraid to challenge yourself.  You will undoubtedly learn more by doing so.  Collaborative projects are also possible, but should represent the same amount of work per person as an individual project.  You have until September 25 to come up with your idea, but I would like you to begin thinking about it soon. 

As stated in your syllabus, we will present our Final Projects on Monday,
December 10th, and it is worth 40% of your total grade.  Good luck!