Red Line
Red Line

Encyclopedia Articles from Movies in American History: An Encyclopedia. Ed. Philip C. DiMare, Santa Barbara: ABC-Clio, 2011.

John Cassavetes” (598-599)

Die Hard” (126-128)

Clint Eastwood” (633-635)

Sergei Eisenstein” (639-642)

"The Gangster Film" (962-964)

"Halloween" (232-233)

Psycho” (402-403)

"The Terminator" (485-489)

John Waters” (843-845)


Published Articles (online):

"The Wire: Big Brother is Not Watching You in Body-more, Murdaland," Journal of Popular Film and Television 38:3 (2010): 122-132.

"A Production-Based Approach to Media Literacy," The International Journal of
11: (2004).

"Presenting the Cyborg's Futurist Past: A Hypertext Analysis of Dziga Vertov's Man With a Movie Camera," Postmodern Culture 8:2 (1998)


Published Articles (print):

Since these articles are difficult to find online I have made them available on this site.

Kusanagi’s Body: Gender And Technology in Mecha-animation.” Asian Journal of Communication 11:2 (2001): 79-100.

"Generation : The Evolution of Women's Roles in Two Films by Masayuki Suo." Post Script 18:1 (1998): 89-100.

"Waves of Pure Lemon: Afterthoughts." Virginia Woolf and Her Influences: Selected Papers of the Seventh Annual Conference on Virginia Woolf. Ed Laura Davis and Jeanette McVicker. New York: Pace University Press, 1998. 18-19.

"Microcinemania: The Mansion Theater and Underground Movie Making in Baltimore,
Maryland, USA.
" Link 2 (1997): 105-119.


Books in Progress:

Posthuman Popular Culture: Gender and Technology in Contemporary Japanese Cinema

Take This Thing Back to Baltimore: Charm City in the Pop Culture Spotlight (Introduction published in Smile Hon You're in Baltimore #11)

Media Literacy in the Digital Era