Red Line
Red Line

Joseph Christopher Schaub is a teacher, scholar, and filmmaker, currently living in Baltimore, Maryland.  He received a Masters Degree from Johns Hopkins University in 1991, and moved to Miyagi, Japan for three years to work as an English teacher in the Japanese public school system.  Returning to the US in 1994, he entered a graduate program in Comparative Literature at the University of Maryland, College Park, specializing in film and cultural studies.  After completing his Ph.D. in 1999, he lived for two years in Durango, Colorado while teaching in the English/Communications department at Fort Lewis College.  Since 2001, he has been teaching full time in the Communication Arts department at College of Notre Dame of Maryland. 

Curriculum Vitae


While completing his Ph.D., Joseph worked as a projectionist for the Orpheum Cinema, an arthouse movie theater in Baltimore. He also designed and maintained the Orpheum's website from 1997 to 1999. Below is an archive of the site.

Orpheum Cinema


In recent years he has occasionally appeared as a guest speaker for the Charles Theater's Cinema Sundays series.  Below are some of the films he has presided over:


Flammen & Citronen (2009)

Daytime Drinking (2009)

The Duchess (2008)

The Walker (2007)

Fracture (2007)

Gabrielle (2005)